When people in Hollywood start musing about the change of seasons, they’re not deciding whether or not the weather is appropriately chilly enough for wearing boots. No, they’re most often discussing how Emmy season blends into the fall festival season, which quickly turns into—drum roll—the biggest season of them all, awards season. But unlike the visual cues of changing leaves or sudden heat waves, awards season has become an almost constant refrain during the calendar year, with almost no perceptible beginning or end.
That’s why we here at AwardsLine concluded that having one of the best glossy print editions in town wasn’t enough. Instead of only publishing during key film and TV trophy-giving times, we decided that we needed a website that readers can access year ’round, 24-7. Don’t get us wrong, we love the analog chic of print—and we know that a lot of guild and industry-organization voters do, too. But we always end up with so much more material than a single print edition can contain, so why not put it out there on the interwebs?
Don’t worry, Deadline.com is still the place for breaking news and pointed awards-related commentary from Pete Hammond. But when readers are looking for more in-depth Q&As and stories about all of the moving pieces that go into this crazy time of year, AwardsLine is the place to be.
Here’s a little bit of info about us: